Private park T.F.

Stato di fatto
Desiderata dei committenti
Soluzione progettuale

Park design with swimming pool, natural lake and winter garden

stato di fatto

  • The area subject to intervention is ​​about two hectares wide, with a strongly sloping trend in a south-easterly direction. The difference in height between the top part of the property near the public road and the lowest southward point is 36 m. Several escarpments and some intermediate shelves have been created, but didn’t follow a precise design vision of the garden.
  • The land is practically free from vegetal elements, except for the olive grove in the south-west part of the estate and some spurious trees (mainly acacias) that create a visual barrier with respect to cars in transit on the public road.
  • There are two manor houses, both located 25 m above the lowest part of the property and from which one can enjoy a splendid panorama spreading from east to west. They are accessed via gravel driveways which also lead to the underground floors where the garages are located, 3.5 m below the floor level of the houses.
  • The retaining walls between the ground floor and the road leading to the garages were built for the entire height with dry blocks; they have been affected by serious phenomena of instability which have led to their collapse in some points.
  • The conformation of the streets and consequently of the retaining walls sacrifice the livable space in front of the villas, especially in the areas that open onto the landscape and which should constitute the central element of the garden

Desiderata dei committenti

  • Redefine the viability within the garden, having as a priority the greater usability and enhancement of the outdoor spaces in front of the villas, towards the panorama.
  • Give adequate accommodation to dry block retaining walls to avoid the stability problems experienced.
  • Model the ground in the lower part of the property by creating walkways that lead to livable areas with a precise intended use, redefining the current slopes.
  • Provide for the presence of a panoramic view in the top part of the estate, a swimming pool in a panoramic position and a grove with a natural lake in the lower part of the property.
  • Consider the possible future presence of a third building on the east side of the estate.
Soluzione Progettuale
  • It is proposed to slightly move the driveways around the building further north, for a distance from 2m to 2.5m. This will make it possible to obtain the necessary space for a livable garden with a coherent design around the villa, as well as to divide the retaining wall into two 1.8 m high walls offset by 1.5-2 m from each other.
  • The subdivision of the retaining wall into two separate walls will allow to mitigate their visual impact and reduce the loads applied to them. Furthermore, their new position will allow the existing roadbed to be used as a base for supporting the lower wall.
  • The parking areas for cars will be created laterally to the facade of the two buildings and surrounded by vegetation, so that they are not visible when entering the garden and looking at the entrances of the two villas. In particular, the cars will park in the area where there are no windows and therefore will not be visible from inside the houses.
  • Surfaces with turf will surround the villas to the south, creating green terraces that open onto the landscape. Given the conformation of the land, for the southernmost villa, retaining walls will not be necessary to support the land, but escarpments with slopes of approximately 60% will suffice.
  • The shelves already present in the lower slopes will be slightly narrowed and adapted for walking in the garden: they will lead to the infinity pool which will be built 6 m below the villas, near the olive grove in the southwest corner of the estate.
  • From the swimming pool, as well as from the walkways created along the eastern part of the garden, it will be possible to reach the wood and lake created in the lower part of the property on an area of ​​approximately 3,000 mq. The planted trees will define a large grassed area of ​​about 1,000 mq with paths and seats in which to stop under the shade of the large canopies.
Dati progettuali
  • Intervention area: 20.000 mq
  • Pedestrians areas: 1.400 mq (700 m length)
  • Driveways and parkings: 1.700 mq
  • Poll’s paved area: 95 mq
  • Pool’s dimensions: 11 m x 6 m
  • Turf areas: 3.300 mq
  • Areas with flower meadows: 2.500 mq