Historic Villa M.M.

Stato di fatto
Desiderata dei committenti
Soluzione progettuale

Restoration and redesign of historic garden with swimming pool

stato di fatto

  • The property subject to intervention occupies a total area of ​​approximately 4,400 m2 along a ridge facing south-east, with a maximum difference in height of approximately 13 m between the summit point at the north corner and the lowest point at the south-east corner of the garden.
  • The house, a liberty-style villa of the early 1900s of notable design, is located exactly in the center of the property at an intermediate level between the main entrance located to the south and the rear access to the north. Given the existing slope, the main facade of the building has a basement level of 2 m in height, offset by two beautiful stairways leading to the entrance door.
  • The pre-existing layout of the garden is characterized by a strong symmetry marked by the driveway that leads to the staircase located in the center of the building. The symmetrical setting around the axis defined by the access road is also underlined by the presence of two rows of monumental trees (alternating lindens and horse chestnuts) placed on the sides of the building.
  • Other trees are present on the property, including a row of Celtis australis parallel to the back wall of the house and various spurious elements born during the decades of abandonment of the property.
  • The estate can be schematically divided into three distinct areas: the part of approximately 2,400 m2 which leads from the main entrance to the villa, the area pertaining to the villa of approximately 1,400 m2, the service area at the back of the about 600 m2.
  • The property is surrounded by various buildings on all sides. The south-west side, which overlooks the nearby mountains, is instead more unobstructed given the absence of buildings in the immediate vicinity.

Desiderata dei committenti

  • Restore the garden by recovering its original layout, as it is intended to do with the building.
  • Conceive a garden which respects its historical heritage, but presents elements of modernity suitable for welcoming predominantly foreign guests.
  • Provide for the presence of a swimming pool and a domestic vegetable garden, as well as the typical elements of the Italian garden, particularly appreciated by refined international tourists.
Soluzione Progettuale
  • It is proposed to rebuild both the vehicular and pedestrian access gate as originally designed, in a central position with respect to the facade of the villa. The driveway will be redefined with a constant slope until reaching a clearing of 140 mq close to the main staircase, where cars can stop briefly and then leave the view of the villa free, framed by flower beds.
  • At the sides of the access road, various areas will be created on gradually increasing levels by means of 1 m high walls. These areas will host various elements such as turf, seatings, a pergola, a fountain, a large ornamental fish tank, etc. They will culminate at the top with a double row of cypresses and fastigiate yews, typical elements of the great Italian garden, to frame the facade of the building. A holm oak grove will instead be created close to the main road to act as a filter between the surrounding buildings and the garden of the villa, as well as to create more shady and private areas.
  • In addition to the terraces that line the avenue, an external parking area for about 6 cars will be created on the east side of the property, while a large area with turf will be created to the west for free use of the garden also by children. An equipped play area could also be created in this area.
  • The area close to ​​the villa will see the creation of a 12 m x 6 m swimming pool and related spaces, facing south-west for longer seasonal use. For this purpose and to bridge the difference in height between the pool and the main floor of the villa, it is recommended to build retaining walls to protect the pool on the north and east sides.
  • Above the swimming pool, a home vegetable patch on raised beds will be created, to place aromatic herbs and other vegetables for daily use by the guests of the villa, directly accessible from the house and near the service annex already present.
  • On the back of the villa in a raised position with respect to it, a second entrance will be created for vehicles only, with the related parking area of ​​about 260 mq for guests’ use. From here you can go down towards the rear entrance of the building, combining proximity and ease of use with the need not to see parked cars.
Dati progettuali
  • Intervention area: 4.400 mq
  • Pedestrians areas: 840 mq
  • Cars areas: 460 mq
  • Poll’s paved area: 85 mq
  • Pool’s dimensions: 12 m x 6 m
  • Turf areas: 800 mq