Villa RB

Context analysis

The property extends on a slight slope for about 4,300 sq.mts.
Two sides of the property are lined with dirt roads with little traffic, while the others are facing the surrounding landscape and enjoy greater privacy.
The villa opens onto the countryside and for this reason it has large double-height glass walls that allow us to fully enjoy the view.
A high porch leaning against the house is the most private part. The porch then widens into a large double-height span overlooking the panorama, a reinterpretation of the ancient barns typical of farmhouses.

Palmieri Studio analisi del contesto per progetto giardino villa.

Whish List

Reflect in the garden the design idea of the house, whose rarefied design reinterprets in a modern key the style of the traditional farmhouse with its various peculiar elements.
Conceive a sustainable and ecological garden without complimentary concessions to decoration, following the same design philosophy applied for the realization of the house.
Give priority to the presence of trees and grassy spaces, preferring simplicity in the choice of plant species and providing a space to be allocated to orchard.
Design an infinity pool jutting out over the countryside.

Palmieri Studio desiderata per progetto giardino villa.

Design solution

Specimens of pyramidal shape oak (quercus robur) create a filter between the street and the back of the house, while large evergreen shrubs shield the view of the garden to cars passing on the public road.
The private garden extends beyond the structure of the house.
Three areas at different altitudes are occupied by flowering meadow and grasses, to evoke the free nature of the fields left uncultivated.
Near the villa there are arboreal elements with a distinctly vertical posture such as cypress and cypress poplar, which are placed in harmony with the high colonnade of the porch and create the desired mixture of architecture and garden.

Mulberry specimens, traditionally linked to the silkworm industry, delimit a shady outdoor convivial area from which the pool area is directly accessible, as it is located on the same level.
The swimming pool is the continuation of the house towards the landscape and comes out as if from under the house.
The strong visual orientation of the pool culminates with the infinity part, which is overlooking the countryside towards the promontories on the horizon.
The last element of the garden is the space furthest from the house and therefore more private.
In this space, below the orchard and in communication with the pool, other typical elements of the rural landscape are used such as willows, traditionally placed along the canals and used to create wicker artifacts and braces.
A thin tongue of water flows from the pool and, bordered by willows, culminates in a paved area with a fountain in the center, a reinterpretation of the traditional drinking trough.
In this part of the garden, it will be possible to spend moments of greatest rest in solitude, under the shade of the willows and accompanied by the slight roar of the water,

Palmieri Studio soluzione progettuale per progetto giardino villa.