Villa FG

Context analysis

The garden extends for about 11,500 sq.mts on a difference in height of 23 mt that allows the view to range from the mountains to the sea.

A long driveway divides the garden from the orchard and runs along the large villa, in front of which there is an extended flat area to be used as a turf.

Above the villa there is an area to be used as a grove in which there are already several trees, in particular holm oaks and domestic pines. Here a multi-purpose playing field (five-a-side football, basketball, tennis, etc.) of 32 x 16 mt has been created.

The part of the property below the house comprises high escarpments to be completely remodeled.

Desiderata progetto Villa FG Palmieri Studio

Wish List

Conceive the arrival at the villa only on foot, crossing the vast lawn on the front side.

The long driveway will have to serve mainly the owners and act as a perspective element at the entrance to the property.

Complete the grove already outlined in the elevated part of the garden.

Include in the project proposal the presence of a vegetable garden and a swimming pool.

Provide walkways that allow you to walk around the property.

Soluzione progettuale progetto Villa FG Palmieri Studio

Design solution

The areas for parking cars are created near the entrance gate among the present camphor trees.

From here we take the pedestrian avenue that leads to the villa.

A thick border of oleanders, as well as various trees, prevents the view of the house until the gaze can suddenly open up on the villa and on the vast lawn in front, with great scenographic effect.

Two rectilinear visual directions, underlined by trees and shrubs, delimit the turf guiding the visitor’s gaze towards the building.

A long perspective axis to the left of the building leads the gaze to the infinity pool that overlooks the panorama beneath the structure.

Analisi del contesto progetto Villa FG Palmieri Studio

The vegetable garden and the lemon grove are located opposite to the house, in a lowered position with respect to the turf. This solution allows us to make best use of the space for the garden tubs and to ensure a better exposure.

The most panoramic space of the property is intended for the infinity pool of 15 m x 5 m and for a terrace surrounded by turf for relaxation and conviviality. This part of the garden, visible only after reaching the house, constitutes the culminating moment of the garden experience.

The area intended for woods where the multi-purpose field is located, is completed by a series of walkways and open spaces with seats for parking in the shade. From this side of the garden you can enjoy the view of the house and spend time among large evergreen trees.