RR Property

Context analysis

The property covers about 20,000 sq.mts; at its center there is a recess in which flows a drainage channel for rainwater.

The south view can embrace the sea, while the remaining three sides of the estate are exposed to the presence of other properties and to the public road positioned at a higher level.

The house, a service annex and the swimming pool are built in the highest part of the property, facing the sea.

Analisi del contesto progetto Proprietà RR Palmieri Studio

Wish List

Give the necessary privacy to the house by going to shield the adjacent properties without precluding the view of the landscape.

Define the course of the long driveway that leads to the residence by providing parking for six cars.

Draw a series of walkways and paths for physical activity, which allow access to a large part of the estate.

Include an area to be used as a vegetable garden and orchard.

Desiderata progetto Proprietà RR Palmieri Studio

Design solution

The avenue that leads from the entrance gate to the villa is lined with shrubs that underline its trend without occluding the view of the entire property.

The house is partially hidden by large trees, then to be unveiled from below during the approach to the parking lot at the back of the house, in a comfortable but secluded position.

The swimming pool and the annex are in a lower level with respect to the house and make it necessary to build retaining walls, which allow to obtain a flat space for the garden adjacent to the house.

This is the area of greatest value and maximum attendance of the entire property, which therefore needs a functional but valuable arrangement, with the presence of turf and a few selected plant specimens.

The lower areas of the property are instead treated by creating false plans occupied by rustic lawn and connected by escarpments covered with upholstery plants.

In each false plan there is a large circular area covered with gravel, to be employed for the uses that the client will consider most congenial to their way of living the garden (space equipped for physical activity, area for children’s play, etc.).

Past the parking area and the car shed, and behind a curtain of shrubs and trees that serves as a visual screen for the adjacent property, there are the orchard and the vegetable garden.

A large part of the garden, which occupies about 8,000 sq.mts of the two hectares, is left unchanged in its conformation if not for the creation of the walkways and the driveway.

Here different species of trees are planted to give the garden a structure proportionate with the scope of the intervention, and to more effectively shield the property from the public road. In this area polyphyte flower meadow is sown, as an element of great impact on a large scale.

Soluzione progettuale progetto Proprietà RR Palmieri Studio