Estate A.M.

Stato di fatto
Desiderata dei committenti
Soluzione progettuale

Garden design and definition of spaces with different characteristics and purposes

stato di fatto

  • The area subject to intervention extends over ​​approximately 6,400 m2 with a slightly sloping trend towards the south-west. The difference in height between the top part of the property to the north and the lowest point at the south-west corner is 4 m.
  • The house, which has just been renovated and enlarged, will be used as an agritourism and will mainly cater to foreign guests: therefore, there will be a swimming pool with relative wellness area serving six apartments, two of which for four people and the others for couples. In total there will therefore be six families or 16 people altogether.
  • The built-up area is located 1.75 m below the municipal road which delimits the property along the north side.
  • The limited distance between the buildings and the public road, as well as the raised position of the latter, make it necessary to screen the north side of the property. Much of the garden will then extend beyond the house to the south, into the area currently occupied by cultivated fields.
  • The already completed construction of the technical room near the house in a lowered position of 60 cm with respect to it, suggests to foresee the swimming pool at the same height as a continuation of the technical room itself. The resulting position, raised by 1.4 m above the level of the countryside, also suggests the construction of an infinity pool from which one can better enjoy the view of the panorama, especially towards the south and west.
  • The presence of various buildings to the east, south and west and the lack of particularly interesting views at ground level suggests limiting the view of the surrounding countryside to look further into the distance towards the surrounding hills and the Apennines.

Desiderata dei committenti

  • Define the viability within the garden providing for the presence of six cars, as well as the possibility of accessing the underground rooms.
  • Provide for the presence of a domestic vegetable garden in a Mediterranean garden context, particularly attractive for foreign guests.
  • Give the garden as much privacy as possible, shielding the presence of nearby built-up areas and especially the public road.
  • Define the position of the swimming pool with respect to the apartments and the garden, if possible using the pre-drawn outline drawing.
Soluzione Progettuale
  • It is proposed to divide the garden into three main parts, each characterized by a certain height with respect to the house and by a specific design function.
  • The first area of ​​approximately 1,300 mq is the one between the public road and the buildings: it is largely occupied by driveways that allow guests to reach the ramp towards the underground garages, the parking area for guests with a capacity minimum six cars, as well as a rest area next to the house on the east side for unloading luggage etc. This area is located at the same level as the house, with a sloping first part connecting the municipal road with the parking area. It is characterized by the presence of trees and shrubs mainly for shading and screening the nearby road.
  • The second area, of approximately 1,600 mq, extends on the east and west sides in correspondence with the apartments and the swimming pool. It is mainly located at the level of the swimming pool, i.e. 60 cm below the floor level of the house, and is more open to the panorama. The large turf surfaces give breath and freshness to the garden and allow access to the vegetable garden area and to the lower and more private area of ​​the property.
  • The third area of ​​the garden is the one that develops below the swimming pool for about 2,900 mq and can be reached by easy footpaths. At the southern end of this area it is proposed to create a small holm oak forest which, in addition to the function of shielding the nearby houses, allows the creation of a shaded area that houses two small private areas of the garden and a footpath: a first area can accommodate a gazebo and relaxation area, while a second area will host a fountain that allows you to enjoy the coolness and the sound of moving water while you stop inside the grove.
  • The proposed design therefore seeks to optimize the use of the spaces in relation to the context and the altitude differences present, taking into consideration the privacy necessary for the various apartments and creating a fresh and airy garden in which one can enjoy moments of conviviality (especially around the pool area) as well as spaces for relaxation and privacy.
Dati progettuali
  • Intervention area: 6.400 mq
  • Pedestrians areas: 250 mq
  • Driveways and parkings: 800 mq
  • Poll’s paved area: 150 mq
  • Pool’s extension: 58 mq
  • Vegetable patch extension: 40 mq
  • Turf areas: 2.500 mq