Farmhouse FC

Context analysis

The property covers about 10,000 sq.mts and enjoys an excellent exposure to the south.

The land is spread over two flat levels, the upper one for the house and the lower one with the long driveway, communicating thru the hillside that fills the existing difference in height of 11 mt.

The entrance avenue is flat for about 100 mt, then it enters a grove formed mostly by elms and goes up to the house to reach the garage at the back.

The slope occupied by the grove is crossed by some walkways in the ground that create various paths, one of which leads to a small source of water to be adequately valued.

In front of the villa there is an annex that will be renovated: here the property overlooks the lovely valley, with a beautiful view of the vineyards and villages located on the opposite ridge.

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Wish List

Give the necessary privacy to the house, going to hide the adjacent properties at the back.

Design a swimming pool at the service of the house and a biolake further away from the villa.

Create an area that acts as a terrace overlooking the panorama and that hosts a winter garden.

Give a proper configuration to the source of water found halfway up the coast on the wooded side.

Provide a small theater for private concerts.

Desiderata progetto Casale FC Palmieri Studio

Design solution

Given its considerable length, the entrance avenue to the property lends itself to striking the visitor with a long perspective axis: a large specimen of liriodendron (Liriodendron tulipifera) serves as a focal point and fulcrum of the change of direction of the driveway.

There are two other key elements of the garden which have been positioned where the road goes up to enter the woods.

The first element consists of a long avenue lined with trees and perpendicular to the previous one, which will connect the entrance avenue with the part of the property that houses the biolake, thus also balancing the initial perspective axis.

The biolake, elliptical in shape, measures 25 mt x 15 mt and is surrounded by grass plants and specimens of weeping willow (Salix alba ‘Tristis’). It is the backdrop to the small private theater intended to host musical evenings with friends.

The second element consists of the ornamental basin created at the water source, oriented so as to be clearly visible and reachable from the road while walking along it to get to the house.

The wide hillside above the biolake is crossed by straight walkways that lead to the ornamental basin and the panoramic area obtained on its top.

On the higher part of the slope a second grove is planted, in order to hide the bulk of the mediocre adjacent house and rearrange the steep escarpment for a better use without requiring excessive maintenance.

The swimming pool at the direct service of the villa is inserted in a large rectangular area that also includes the house and the annex.

This paved area is interrupted by squares of flowering borders and turf; element, the latter, which extends to the panoramic terrace above the tree-lined avenue.

From here it is possible to descend to the areas of the garden previously described, completing the scheme of fruition of the estate in all its extension.

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