Farmhouse FB

Context analysis

The property covers about 2,200 sq.mts and develops along the hilly ridge leaving the land with a strongly degrading trend and therefore poorly usable.

The garden develops entirely behind the house, which therefore acts as a diaphragm, and is configured as an essentially private area hidden from view.

The place is featuring the open view of the Apennine landscape, embellished by the view of the wooded slopes of the mountains and large portions of the sky.

The opening on the large natural areas is accompanied by a sense of protection given by the dense vegetation and the large oaks that surround and embrace the area where the garden stands.

Analisi del contesto progetto Cascina FB Palmieri Studio

Wish List

Give appropriate arrangement to the land in order to make the garden more usable and more consistent with the various levels of the farm.

Provide a space to be allocated to vegetable garden and orchard.

Enhance the views of the landscape and the sunny exposure of the land.

Desiderata progetto Cascina FB Palmieri Studio

Design solution

The structure of the garden is designed to place the outdoor area in direct dialogue with the house.

An area of the garden that extends to the edge of the forest that surrounds the property, is placed in correspondence with each of the floors that constitute the house structure,

Grassy surfaces transform these areas as many green avenues, each one culminating in a widening space framed by the scenery of large oaks in the background. The open spaces host stone seats, a pergola with outdoor living area and a small body of water animated by various fish.

Paths that unfold among the vegetation of the forest connect the various levels of the garden, and walkways carved into the connecting escarpments allow circulation in the garden near the house.

The lower part of the property has a more natural and less ornamental character.

The course of the land is left largely unchanged and the areas between the walkways are occupied by fruit trees and rustic lawn.

The lower end of the garden, which is the most intimate and protected area, will receive the construction of a vegetable garden on raised tubs. This area is far from the house and barely visible from it, but is the most intimate and quiet part of the garden where you can spend hours of patient gardening or stop to admire the silhouettes of the mountains and the clear blue of the sky.

Soluzione progettuale progetto Cascina FB Palmieri Studio