Estate AG

Context analysis

The property of about three hectares of extension overlooks a splendid mountain panorama, in a context characterized by the alternation between cultivated fields and wooded areas.

Centuries-old specimens of oak dot the hillside of the estate, which has a jump in altitude of 44 m from the summit point to the access road at the bottom.

The house is built in the southern part of the property, where you can enjoy the best exposure to the south.

The rest of the property, facing north-east, is dedicated to organic orchard and is utilized for an activity related to the organization of events as well as fruit production.

Palmieri Studio analisi del contesto per progetto giardino tenuta.

Wish List

To create a garden that blends with the style of the house, characterized by pure shapes and basic volumes, open to the landscape.

Model the land to make the garden accessible to a family with children, providing for the construction of a swimming pool, a parking area for guests independent from the one dedicated to the clients and closer to the house, a vegetable garden and an orchard for domestic use.

Establish an harmony between the orchard part and the private garden, in order to allow living the whole property while ensuring the necessary privacy.

Palmieri Studio desiderata per progetto giardino tenuta.

Design solution

The entrances to the estate have been separated, distinguishing the one dedicated to the productive and receptive area of the orchard from that of the private home.

The orchard ‘merges’ with the garden in various points, creating an osmosis that allows the passage from one context to another while walking inside the property. Nevertheless, a considerable distance is placed between the receptive area of the orchard and the house.

The isometric curves of the soil were followed for the design of the orchard, which suggest planting the vegetables along circular rows. In addition to the most interesting aspect, this configuration allows easier walking in the estate, otherwise characterized by strenuous slopes.

Between the rows there are large gravel avenues for a length of about 1,300 m, which can be traveled either on foot or by mechanical means.

Large circular areas, for a total area of about 2,000 sq.mts, open up at regular intervals along the avenues: here it is possible to stop by and organize events under the shade of the large oaks, enjoying the wonderful panorama extending on each side.

The private garden is divided into two areas by the avenue that unfolds from the gate to the villa.

The area at left side of the avenue houses the orchard, the home garden and the parking lot for guests, from which they can directly reach the pool area.

The right part of the garden is partially occupied by the house and the swimming pool, located at a lower level than the house.

The house appears placed on a pedestal and is not fully visible from the entrance gate. It is gradually discovered as you climb the avenue, until you reach the natural terrace occupied by the turf that opens up in front of it, giving it a graceful aspect.

With the proposed solution it will be possible to spend most of our time in the garden, admiring the landscape and enjoying the unique setting in which we are.

Palmieri Studio soluzione progettuale per progetto giardino tenuta.