Mansion G.M.

Stato di fatto
Desiderata dei committenti
Soluzione progettuale

Restoration of a 4,400 m2 garden, with swimming pool and vegetable garden

stato di fatto

  • The property subject to intervention extends over an area of approximately 5,000 m<sup>2</sup> with a sloping trend towards the south-west and an entrance located at the eastern end.
  • The property is bordered on the north and south sides by two road axes (a main one on the south side which leads to the entrance to the main house and a secondary service one on the north side) which embrace the manor house, the parking area and two swimming pools. The entrance to the garden will be moved to the east and will become common to the two driveways.
  • Beyond the manor house, the panorama opens towards the rest of the estate of about 40 hectares owned by the clients. The land is largely occupied by olive trees alternating with many other valuable trees.
  • Generally speaking there are plant specimens of considerable value, however they are planted without a clear planning idea and on land largely left in its original conformation: the result is a whole without particular character and in which the existing elements are not valued.

Desiderata dei committenti

  • Review the arrangement and planting of the garden to give more character to the property, with particular attention to the area where the second swimming pool has been placed.
  • Maximize the usability of the spaces by reshaping the layout of the land and the communication between the various areas of the garden.
Soluzione Progettuale
  • The proposed intervention focuses on two main areas: the entrance area at the east end of the garden and around the new swimming pool, and the panoramic area beyond the house and the old swimming pool at the west end.
  • Towards the entrance we propose the construction of a highly scenographic element consisting of a large water wall, to be placed immediately after the entrance to the garden at the point where the two driveways depart. This will be the first element visible to all visitors and will define the tone of the entire garden, as well as give adequate accommodation to an area otherwise destined to be a simple crossroad.
  • The rear part of the fountain can be used to create an area of relaxation and intimacy even inside the garden, making it the culmination of the area that unfolds from the new swimming pool and through a series of large terraces to the back of the water wall.
  • The arrangement of this part of the garden by means of terraced areas defined by low walls, allows to give greater architectural character to an otherwise characterless area, taking up the style chosen by the client for the swimming pool.
  • Some existing olive trees and cypresses will have to be repositioned, while the planting plan will be integrated by the insertion of other cypresses and various Mediterranean shrubs necessary to give structure to the currently garden which results to be too flat.
  • The flowerbed located on the north side of the house next to the service driveway will be rationalized leaving the plants of a similar nature (Japanese maples, dwarf conifers, Nandina domestica), while spurious elements such as some succulent plants will be removed and used in the area beyond the house on the west side.
  • The part of the garden that extends beyond the existing swimming pool and the parking lot is poorly visible and not usable due to the steep terrain. It is therefore proposed to build two small retaining walls in order to allow the creation of a flat area which constitutes the ideal continuation in the garden of the paved areas in front of the house. Beyond this green terrace that stretches out towards the horizon, you will pass from the garden to the park, where you will once again have the original hillside that leads to the other parts of the estate.
  • The area where palm trees and other exotic plants are planted will be repeated on the opposite side to the existing one, giving symmetry to the plant arrangement. It is also proposed the creation of large tubs with exotic plants in order to better serve as a visual filter between the parking area and the area that houses the swimming pool and Jacuzzi.
Dati progettuali
  • Intervention area: 5,000 mq
  • Pool paved area: 320 mq
  • Pool extension: 130 mq
  • Surface of planted areas: 2,300 mq
  • Extension of lawn areas: 1,400 mq