Cottage RV

Context analysis

The small property measures 260 sq.mts and is located in front of the villa.

Mixed hedges separate the garden from the adjacent properties while dry stone walls act as containment and delimit the garden on all sides.

The elevated position allows you to enjoy a splendid view of the sardinian sea, but the degrading course of the land make it difficult to use.

A large parking area gives access to the elevated area by means of a staircase made of local stone

Palmieri Studio analisi del contesto per progetto giardino villino.

Wish List

Create a garden well inserted in the context of the Sardinian coast, using local materials.

Given the reduced size, make the garden usable in all its extension highlighting the spectacular view of the sea.

Include a swimming pool of about 7 x 4 m in size, providing for the discreet presence of an outdoor shower for the return from the beach, and an underground technical room serving also as a storage room.

Arrange at least one parking space near the garden, while limiting its visual impact.

Palmieri Studio desiderata per progetto giardino villino.

Design solution

The entire surface of the garden has been placed on the level bringing the ground to the level of the house, thanks to the construction of a retaining wall in reinforced concrete, covered on the external side with the stone used for all the walls of the place.

The visual impact of the 2.5 m high stone wall towards the outside, has been mitigated by the insertion of flowering tubs with falling plants.

The construction of the retaining wall also allows the anchoring of the pool structure and of paved areas at its service, as well as the creation of an underground technical room and a shower at the level of the parking lot, invisible from the house.

The access staircase and the walkway which is its continuation in the garden, have been placed at the end of the parking area so as not to subtract space from the livable part of the garden. Local materials have been used in accordance with the dry stone walls already present.

The pool was conceived as an intersection of two offset circles, in order to convey a certain naturalness mitigated by the geometric shape of the structure.

The paved area surrounding the pool allows the position sunbeds and umbrellas in the most panoramic part of the garden. This area has been paved with the same material chosen for the external flooring of the villa.

Areas with turf have been created to mitigate the impact of paved surfaces. The lawn has been alternated with borders hosting plant elements suitable for the climate of the place, but of particular value.

Palmieri Studio soluzione progettuale per progetto giardino villino.