Context analysis

The garden covers about 7,000 sq.mts and is located in a hilly area, with sweeping views that open onto the valley below.

The border areas near the surrounding properties are covered by dense Mediterranean vegetation mainly characterized by oaks, acacias, poplars, conifers and laurels. A row of tall pines acts as a filter between the house and the view towards the village.

A long rammed earth avenue ascends from the entrance gate to the house, along a vegetable garden and a vast olive grove of about 2,000 sq.mts.

The house, whose first floor and an annex are dedicated to the reception of guests, is located at the highest point of the property above a promontory characterized by a series of escarpments alternating with terraces and walkways.

The driveway ends in front of the house near the infinity pool overlooking the panorama.

Analisi del contesto progetto B&B CR Palmieri Studio

Whish List

Enhance the garden in all its parts, including the olive grove area.

Make the area in front of the entrance to the house less static by creating a visual barrier with the neighboring property.

Improve functionality of the private areas of the garden near the pool and the house ensuring the desired privacy.

Model the escarpments and terraces of the promontory in a more practical and scenographic way.

Reduce the maintenance required by the garden, especially in terms of mowing grassy escarpments.

Desiderata progetto B&B CR Palmieri Studio

Design solution

Given that the customers of the B & B are mainly concentrated in the summer, the driveway is surrounded by a double row of oleanders in the normal and dwarf varieties, which prevents them from seeing the areas intended for vegetable garden and olive grove thus focusing their gaze only on the promontory and the house that overlooks it.

The road that leads to the entrance of the house is instead bordered by various types of lavender and tanks are created in the grassy area in front of the building, in which to plant sorts of flowers to give greater dynamism to the environment.

The terraces of the private garden have been remodeled according to straight lines consistent with the volumes of the house: the many walkways of the promontory have been eliminated to leave room for a wider single flat area open to the landscape.

In this flatland area there is a tub of gushing water that becomes the focal element for the visitor’s gaze when they enter the property.

The escarpments of the promontory are covered with upholstery plants and large shrubs suitable for the semi-shaded environment, in such a way as to drastically reduce the required management.

Soluzione progettuale progetto B&B CR Palmieri Studio

The vegetable garden and the orchard have been redesigned by means of raised large basins and pergolas placed on the ground which is covered with gravel.

Some cypresses are inserted among the olive trees to act as a cohort to the large oaks placed in the center of the area.

From a vast elliptical gravel area positioned under the shade of the oaks, a series of paths unfold within the olive grove.

Here the client will be able to place over time the most disparate elements, from works of art to particular objects, making this part of the garden a microcosm in continuous evolution. The aim will be to give life to a magical and bizarre world in which to wander, get lost and stop in peace.